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Delivering water-based safety solutions that protect and enhance your event or production

What we do

AVCON Water Safety is a premier aquatic first-response safety and rescue service for any water-based activity.

Our professional crew, with over 35 years of combined ocean knowledge specialises in water based environmental services, emergency rescue, salvage operation support, first aid and trauma treatment as well as responding to boating incidents and providing aquatic support for film crews and surfing events.

Our team’s commitment to excellence ensures that we consistently deliver services that exceed expectations, providing our clients with peace of mind and the assurance that they are in safe hands.

Our fleet of water-based craft includes 7 jet ski’s (personal watercraft), 3 punts, 2 inflatable rubber duckies with trailers to enable easy transportation for all equipment enhancing rapid response.

  • Water Rescue: Our certified professionals are equipped to handle water emergencies during events or film shoots.

  • Safety Consultation: We provide expert advice on water safety measures, risk assessments, and emergency response plans.

  • Safety Training: We offer comprehensive water safety training for event staff, film crew, and actors.

  • Lifeguard Services: Avcon provides professional lifeguard services to monitor water activities and respond to emergencies.
  • Water Stunt Coordination: Our experienced coordinators plan, choreograph, and supervise water stunts for film and TV productions.

  • Underwater Filming Support: Avcon supports underwater filming with safety divers, camera operators, and specialized equipment.
  • Marine Coordination: We manage all marine activities during a film shoot, including boat handling and logistics.

  • Watercraft Rental: We rent out a range of watercraft and provides certified operators for safe operation.

  • Environmental Assessment: Avcon assesses the environmental impact of events or film shoots on water bodies and provides recommendations.
  • Insurance Management: Avcon assists with insurance and liability issues related to water activities.
  • Water Quality Testing: We conduct water quality testing to ensure safety for swimming and other activities.

  • Rescue Equipment Supply: Avcon provides all necessary water rescue equipment, ensuring it meets safety standards.

Water-based Safety

AVCON Water Services is a highly specialised marine based business. Water Services are dependent on the specific site, requirements and complexities of our clients. Marine based projects are generally high risk, complicated and weather dependent.

Our water based services primarily focus on environmental clean-up, decontamination and containment, emergency response, first aid and trauma management, shark monitoring, filming, water safety and surf events.

Projects can range from salvage, support at surfing competitions and surf life saving carnivals, fuel and oil containment using booms and other apparatus, remote shore clean-up and vessel clean-out.

Our team utilise the latest technologies and equipment to contain water based spills and environmental hazards, mitigate the impact of floods, protect flora, fauna and human life, minimise property damage and reduce environmental impact.

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