Emergency Response

Land & Water Based

Our 24/7 expert team promptly responds to emergencies, minimising damage and safeguarding lives and property.

What we do

AVCON excels in rapid emergency intervention and damage control, with an emphasis sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact during recovery operations.

Land-based Response

Responding to land-based emergencies around the clock including everything from spill cleanup, vehicle accidents and natural disasters, such as flooding & fire.

  • 24/7 spill cleanup and containment
  • Vehicle accident response and remediation
  • Public safety and traffic control measures
  • Incident management and coordination
  • Emergency environmental assessment and monitoring
  • Hazardous material handling and disposal
  • Decontamination and waste management
  • Site remediation and restoration
  • Soil and groundwater treatment
  • Training and preparedness programs for clients

Water-based Response

AVCON recognises the importance of minimising the environmental impact of incidents on water.

These projects can range from washed-up debris on beaches including shipping containers, deceased animals and vehicles.

In addition, marine accidents, water pollution incidents, large decontaminations for refinery facilities, oil, waste industries to vessel clean-outs.

  • 24/7 marine emergency response and containment
  • Shipping container recovery and beach debris removal
  • Deceased animal retrieval and disposal
  • Sunken vehicle extraction and remediation
  • Marine accident response and cleanup
  • Water pollution incident management
  • Large-scale decontamination for refining facilities
  • Vessel clean-outs and maintenance
  • Oil spill containment and mitigation
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment in aquatic ecosystems

Leading Emergency Solutions

AVCON’s ability to rapidly and effectively respond to emergencies is one of the key factors that sets us apart as a leading emergency response and environmental recovery company.

Our operations run 24/7, and our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals are always ready to respond to emergencies, no matter the time or location. This enables us to contain and mitigate the impact of emergencies swiftly, minimising property and environmental damage and protecting human life.

In addition to our rapid response capabilities, we are also committed to sustainable solutions. AVCON recognises the importance of minimising the environmental impact of emergencies and environmental incidents.

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