A large commercial recycling facility was unfortunately met with a significant fire that led to one of the largest recycling facility fires in recent times. Over 60,000tn of recycling product was affected or involved in the fire, which also had significant business disruptions to the owner, council collections, surrounding business and residents. Over 250 emergency services attended, with up to 50 fire units being utilised throughout.

AVCON provided a wholistic emergency and response management package for the client and insurance stakeholders, ensuring all planning, equipment, disposal, regulatory and stakeholder management was implemented as far as practical.

In these situations, owners and management of the companies involved are busy dealing with the impact to people and lost business disruption issues, while AVCON take over the front-end disaster and response activities on their behalf. While AVCON require client and stakeholder approval for certain actions, we advise and project manage all of what needs to happen to take the pressure of the companies involved, but also take our learnings from previous jobs to ensure commercial, reputational, safety and environmental risks are maintained. We ensure we had vacuum trucks and teams at key locations onsite and downstream to minimise potential impacts to watercourses and wildlife.

With our extensive knowledge of the waste industry, we can help insurers reduce their exposure and losses by smart and efficient waste management, especially when large volumes are involved like in these situations.