Port Kembla NSW

AVCON and its salvage partner undertook one of the largest hazardous waste removal processes of the decade. Over 8,000,000 litres of hazardous liquid waste was removed within a 32 day timeframe, with no spills or safety issues. This equated to over 400 truck movements to and from a partnering licensed facility in Sydney.

Unfortunately the ship was exposed to a fire during offloaded activities, which moved to various parts of the vessel and burnt for 5 days, requiring significant NSW Fire and port assets to extinguish. Partnering with reputable waste transporters and licensed facilities to ensure regulatory approval and compliance was maintained.

We also utilised our AVCON LIVE communication and tracking system to ensure we could monitor truck movements for safety and operational timing, and establish live streaming between stakeholders if assistance was required. Daily volume accumulation was provided to the client which also supports efficient invoicing and accountability needs for the project.

A great partnership model that AVCON adopted which met the tight planning, project management and execution on time, safely and within budget. Working for and alongside our Salvage partners Ardent was a great teaming arrangement with operational excellence and a one-team mentality at the forefront of its success.