Marine Reef & Sculptures

Merging art and ecology to foster marine life, stimulate eco-tourism, and sculpt underwater attractions with our innovative, sustainable designs

Eco-Art Meets Marine Conservation

AVCON Installations combines environmental and artistic innovation to create sustainable marine tourism attractions.

We provide shelter for marine life and promote ecosystem growth with our patented concrete blocks and reef balls.

Our cutting-edge metal sculptures are deployed above and below water, providing sea attractions for divers and tourists.

Join us in promoting marine conservation through art and creating sustainable marine eco-tourism opportunities.

Environmental and Artistic Innovation

AVCON Installations taps into the existing infrastructure and complementary skill-sets of AVCON Projects Australasia. Central to our thinking is the belief that artistic innovation can champion sustainable environmental initiatives and marine eco-tourism.

This fusion of industries can achieve cultural, commercial and environmental outcomes for a diverse range of private and public sector stakeholders.

AVCON installations utilise revolutionary technology to create the world’s first above and below sea attraction.

Artificial Reefs

Design and production of patented concrete blocks and reef balls that provide shelter for marine life and promote the growth of marine ecosystems.

These are primarily used to regenerate disturbed and barren sites, providing a practical solution with environmental benefits.

Underwater Attractions

Commissioning and deploying cutting-edge sculptures, both underwater and above water, as sustainable tourism attractions.

Underwater ‘playgrounds’ and complementary technology to aide accessibility and education are also being explored.

Marine Ecosystems

Analysis and execution of a broad range of coastal and marine environmental issues, including natural resource management and environmental auditing.

These public and private sector initiatives are undertaken with a strong community and social services focus.

Above surface attractions

Showcase local talent or culturally significant artwork on a stage like no other.

above and below sea attraction

Artificial reefs have proven the world over to not only be beneficial to sea-life and the environment, but an attraction to divers and fisherman all around the globe.

But why should all the fun be below the surface?

AVCON installations utilise revolutionary technology to create the world’s first above and below sea attraction.

Project Partners

This collective of marine expert provides strategic advice, heads research projects and conducts training in reef restoration and resilience.

Their collaborations have attracted significant government support, successfully fusing science and business, as evidenced by their integral role in delivering the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) to the Great Barrier Reef.

Coastwide’s scale and experience in NSW-located marine and marina-based infrastructure, break walls and engineering projects supports Avcon Installations’ business through interpretation of known risks, research in sand movements and stability, and locational detail.

Formally Ardent Global, which was involved in some of the largest maritime salvage events in Oceania history, United Salvage has a significant array of equipment, knowledge, technical and engineering experience that aligns with our risk and execution requirements.

Captain Drew Shannon and Ryan enjoy a long-standing working relationship.

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