Recovery and Resilience: AVCON Projects’ Efforts in the Wake of the Richmond Hawkesbury River Flood

In March, the Windsor area witnessed some of the most devastating floods in its history. The waters reached unprecedented levels, submerging vast areas and causing widespread destruction. Amidst the chaos and the aftermath, AVCON Projects stepped in, playing a pivotal role in the recovery process.

In the video above, Dean Bowen, a project supervisor at AVCON Projects, provides a firsthand account of the challenges faced during the recovery efforts. The magnitude of the floods was such that areas where Dean stands during the video were entirely underwater.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) engaged AVCON Projects for the monumental task of clearing debris and salvaging large items from the river. With a team of divers scanning the riverbed, they identified submerged debris and used chainsaws to cut down large trees. Some of these trees weighed up to three tons, a testament to the scale of the challenge.

Safety was paramount. Every step of the way, AVCON ensured that their processes were meticulously planned, prioritising the safety of their workers and the environment. Their versatile and skilled team was equipped to handle various contracting services, making them an invaluable asset during these trying times.

But the efforts of AVCON Projects and the EPA go beyond immediate recovery. They are collecting data to help the local community prepare for potential future floods. This proactive approach aims to ensure that properties are safeguarded and residents are well-informed, emphasising resilience and preparedness.

The floods were a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of our environment. However, with organisations like AVCON Projects at the forefront, there’s hope for recovery, resilience, and a better-prepared future.